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Blueprint Builders

Chicago's premier contractors. With 32 years experience, we specialize in all facets of residential and commercial construction.


Here's How we work.


With our years expertise, we plan ahead to determine the most economical course for designing and creating the build. Allowing us to have a lower production cost and shorter build time.


Our talented team of designers who specialize in modern and contemporary styles, are guaranteed to create a hip, up-to-date look, thats welcoming and inviting.


While our dedicated craftsmen are busy bringing your vision to life, our experienced management team will be there throughout the whole process to answer any questions you may have.

The Blueprint Builder's Story

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Dedicated design

We are a 2nd generation of builders, giving us more than 32 years experience. We have been specializing in new construction and remodeling of homes since 1987. Since the new millennia, we have been taking on commercial projects and have been a leader in innovative design for contemporary restaurants and homes in the Chicagoland area.

Our offices can be found in Chicago, IL and Kahului, HI